Tips to rank on page one of google

Best Tips to rank on page one on google and other search engines for small business in Qatar

Nothing can be more frustrating than seeing your website not rank on the first page of Google despite putting in a lot of effort.

It is important to rank your website on page one of Google such that organic traffic can be reached to your website.

In this way, a lot more sales & conversions can take place and thus business leads would be increased.

So, today we would be discussing how top ranking on Google can take place. Let us have a look:-

Go Niche

If you wish to succeed in SEO, then you must understand the competitive landscape.

As a small business owner, you may not want to compete with large organizations as they tend to have unlimited marketing budgets.

Hence, you must select a particular niche in which competition may not be a lot.

Thus, specific keyword phrases would be much easy to rank and it would be done at a faster rate.

Choose the realistic keywords

Anyone can achieve top ranking on Google if the right keyword is targeted.

Thus, you can take help from tools such as Google Keyword Planner.

Over here, you can find out relevant keywords having a decent number of searches but very little competition.

Once the authority of your website is increased, then it can get easy to rank the keywords.

Also, once the traffic has been increased, then you can always target more competitive keywords.

Optimize the content for keywords

Once the keyword has been selected, then it is important to place it strategically on your page.

You may not want to overuse the keywords but it is important to use them properly within the content.

Most importantly you should focus on using them on URL, Title tag, headings, ALT image tag, and anywhere you find appropriate.

Add a lot of content to your website

According to the latest research, 88% of the B2B companies use content marketing as a part of their marketing strategy.

This involves using different types of content such as newsletters, infographics, videos, and webinars, etc. to attract potential customers.

So, if you want to add top rankings in Google, then new content should be added to your site regularly.

Thus, use high-quality content which can add value to your prospects & customers.

Add links to your website

Links play a very crucial role with regards to SEO. Moreover, inbound links are important elements that help out in achieving high rankings.

One of the things that you can do is guest posting on the popular sites that are present in your niche.

Other than this, you can also add your site to local review sites & business directories.

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