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    Search engine marketing (SEM) is a marketing strategy using digital and online platforms to to increase the visibility of your website on the results pages of Search Engines majorly Google as most of the searches in Qatar take place on Google.

    Search Engine Marketing relies on paid search advertising and is also called Pay Per Click- PPC.

    Search Engine Marketing for local Businesses in Doha Qatar

    Search engine marketing is a crucial part of the digital marketing strategy for any business. As 95% of searches occur on Google for any products or services active Search Engine (SEM) helps you reach your customers.

    Your investment in search Engine Marketing is limited to the number of impressions or clicks your advertisement attracts on Google and this is based on your investment. We can help you plan your investment and provide you with the best returns on your SEM Riyal. Your potential customers search Google for your products and services when they are ready to buy and search Engine Marketing provides the customer with your information at the right time encouraging “action to call” you resulting in Business.

    How does Search Engine Marketing work for you?

    Pay Per Click PPC which is the main component of Search Engine marketing SEM displays sponsored Ads to be displayed on the top and bottom of the Search Engine Results Page giving more prominence over Organic Search Results.

    We select a network (we recommend Google for Qatar) and plan on a short or long term campaign depending on your need.

    To setup a campaign, we prepare in advance
    • Based on our understanding of your marketing needs and the objective, we do keyword research and select a set of relevant keywords for the campaign.
    • Choose a geographic location or locations and timelines for your ad to be displayed during the ad campaign
    • Create a text-based ad to display on search engine results page
    • Based on your investment budget, we bid on a price for each
    Search Engine Marketing SEM is considered to be one of the most efficient way to invest your marketing Riyal.

    Google Ads

    Google Ads consist of

    a. Google Search Network: is a set of search-related websites, applications and Google My Business where your ads can appear based on your requirement. Your ads can show near search results when your potential customer searches with terms related to one of your Keywords.

    b. Google Display Network: with GDN you are able to find the right audience also strategically promote your message to your potential target audience at the right time and in the right place.

    Responsive Display ads: These ads are responsive, show up as native ads and blend into the font and feel of the publishers site.

    Uploaded image ads: Ads can be uploaded s images in different sizes or HTML

    Engagement ads. Develop and run engaging image and video ads on YouTube and across the Display Network of Google.
    Gmail ads: Promote through expandable ads on the top tabs of people’s inboxes.

    Over all, your search engine marketing strategy involves a blend of all 

    Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

    Paid search marketing is the quickest method of promoting your products and services to generate leads. The activity will be measured and tweaked through the campaign to ensure the best return on your investment Riyal or Dollar. As google partners our pay per click team works with google to research and choose the right keyword. This ensures our customer gets the best value for  their search engine activity investment on Pay For Search and Pay For Social.

    We understand the number game when it comes to creating high performing paid search campaigns. You only pay for qualified traffic and are changed only when there is a click on your post. This requires expertise to attract the right community and potential revenue generating traffic. You are in control of your spend and the duration of your campaign.

    It is our responsibility to maximize your return on investment – ROI. Our teams are experienced and adapted to providing you the best results for your search engine marketing investment which includes pay per click campaigns be it, Google AdWords, AdSense, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn or any other platform.