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5 Tips to manage social media profiles

5 Tips to manage Social Media Profiles

Digital living is transforming everything in today’s world. But it is mostly the Millennials and Gen Z whose lives are more digitalised. Regardless of the differences between Millennials and Gen Z, they can both collectively agree on the perks of using social media. People ask questions more on Social media than they do to their friends. Thus, the brands are also extremely focused on building high-quality social media profiles. However, managing social media profiles takes effort. This means that brands need to regularly engage with their customers by posting and sharing stuff regularly on social media – all of which require time and resources. Here are 5 tips to manage social media profiles

Social media management might seem like a plain cup of coffee, but it requires high doses of metaphorical caffeine to keep it going. Nuance Digital Qatar has some good experience in managing it clients social media handles and generating some good engagement. From our experience, here are tips that you could make use of whilst managing your business’s social media profile.

  • The Qs of Social Media

The two Qs of social media management are Quality and Quantity. Focusing on the quality of content is the prime lookout for a customer. Where there are so many websites selling similar products, the quality of the produced content needs to be top-notch. You need to produce content that is not only customer-friendly but also relevant to the target market for more than a week or so. A reel on Instagram or a post on Facebook can sometimes change the game completely. This is because a good reel is often shared even after a month.

  • Social Media Visibility is the Key

Even though Quality serves as the runner in this media, one cannot forget Quantity as it brings stability to the table. This means the more regularly you post, the more engagement you will get. It also means higher quality content can bring even more engagement.

A survey with Twitter claims that after posting 30 more tweets than the previous week, a website created 30% more traffic and 60% more clicks for the links than the previous week.

You can use a similar strategy for generating engagement on popular social media channels in Qatar like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Snapchat. You could also choose to post memes and subtly sell your products and services through those. Memes are very popular on Facebook and Instagram and this can be a successful secondary social media strategy for your brand.

  • Use Social Media Tools

Managing the social media profile of a single brand may not be as difficult as doing the same for multiple subsidiary brands. For large enterprises that have several brands under their fold, you will have to rely on expert social media management tools. Websites such as Buffer, TweetWhen, Tweriod, or Hootsuite can be of help. Using these tools, you can automate tasks and activities for your social media profile(s).

Buffer helps to post the same content on different social media platforms with a single click. The latter two are the websites which help in selecting the best time of the day to tweet and retweet. However, instead of undertaking the massive learning curve in using these applications, it is always easier to rely on experienced social media management firms in Qatar like Nuance Digital.

  • Making Decisions Based on Data

Social Media Analytics opens the window to calculated posting to grow organic engagement. You can do this by tracking the numbers through analytics of your social media profiles. The numbers are important to understand the likes and dislikes of the target market. Websites like Buffer, and Kissmetrics, offer you an insight into the metrics of your social media profiles. With the help of such data, you will be able to make informed decisions about your business’s social media profile(s). This also involves leveraging statistics to adjust your social media strategy.

  • Following a Strategy to Stay Afloat

Having a social media strategy can be extremely beneficial for better social media management. One way is to create an Editorial Calendar. This can help plan out your strategies in a smoother way. This also puts everything in one place, enabling social media managers to look out for missed opportunities of engaging with followers. However, you must ensure that you have similar calendars set up for all your social media channels. Moreover, the content you post on all of these channels must be analogous to your brand strategy. When developing your strategy you must keep in mind certain aspects of your chosen social media channel. For example, TikTok and Snapchat have both registered more female users than men.

Get in the Game

To get in the game of social media, your business needs to be digital-ready. This means you will need all the prerequisites for setting up social media profiles for your brand on different social media channels. To do this, the best and most affordable option is to hire an expert social media management company. Based in Doha, Qatar, Nuance Digital located in Qatar is equipped with hardworking and creative marketing specialists. With Nuance, you can rest assured that all your social media management needs will be taken care of.

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