SmartPresence for Online Reputation Managment

Online Reputation Management can be easily managed with a tool called SmartPresence which has been introduced by Nuance Digital, a Digital Marketing agency located in Qatar. “SmartPresence” helps local businesses engage with their customers at the same time provides solutions for Online Reputation Management.

Word out Mouth Vs Online Reviews for Online Reputation Management

“Word of mouth is one of the major way we get customers” is what we hear from local business, be it B2B or B2C. In today’s digital era word of mouth is still a major factor for businesses. Good word of month shows you have a good reputation in what you do. However, online “word of mouth” are the reviews and comments one gets to see, refer or respond to on search engines like Google, Social media profiles like Facebook and delivery sites like Zomato, Talabat and other local online directories.

Customers are free to post their opinions on Google My Business, Social Media Platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Local online directories and much more. These reviews can be positive or negative. In addition, they are on public as they are published on open public platforms. Therefore monitoring and managing word of mouth online can be a challenge when it comes to online reputation management. However, with SmartPresence you do not need to worry.

Types of Reviews

Reviews are a)Positive b) Negative c) Neutral

Positive Reviews are reviews by customers who speak positive or good about your products and services. Negative Services are customer reviews speaking negative or criticising your products and services. Neutral reviews are 3 on star rating and are just general comments. You can get more inforamation about his on

Smart Presence Dashboard suppports online reputation management

1. Manage and respond to reviews

“SmartPresence” is a cloud hosted Dashboard that helps your clients manage their customers’ reviews. This can be done by accessing all reviews in one place, get realtime alerts about new reviews and respond to all. The SmartPresence Dashboard also provides analytics for marketers to understand customer behavior, customer sentiments and in addition helps in customer engagement.

2. Manage Google My Business

You are able to manage your Google My Business Knowledge Panel from the SmartPresence dashboard. The SmartPresence can help you add all the required information, change or edit content, respond to Q&A and manage google my business posts. Nuance Digital. Managing your google my business knowledge well goes a long way in managing the online reputation of your business.

3. Manage Google My Business Posts

Another great feature available on SmartPresence is the feature of planning and scheduling Google My Business Posts. You can in advance plan a campaign and auto schedule your posts. Posts are your notifications to your customers uploaded in the form of Events, Offers, News, Promotions. You are provided with reports and analytics about the traffic to your Google post. In addition, you can get leads from your posts.

4. Smart Presence Insights

“Google My Business insights” from SmartPresence for your location or locations on a cloud hosted dashboard allows you to group, filter and analyse data that will in turn help you understand your customers at the same time add immense value to your marketing

  1. Insights on searches, maps, driving directions, phone calls, website visits, brand vs. indirect queries, and photo counts & engagement by location
  2. Trends by day, week or month
  3. Correlate your optimization efforts with actual results to prove ROI
  4. Download the data to connect to your own Business Intelligence tools

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