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Digitization and E-commerce for businesses during the current Covid-19 crisis.

E-commerce Websites are mushrooming online. Smart businessmen look for opportunities in every situation. Opportunities that can help the community and add value to their businesses. One such opportunity or need that has emerged is the need for Digitization and E-commerce for businesses in Qatar in the current covid-19 crisis.

Given, strict social distancing rules and natural fear, the end-consumers have reduced their physical movement for making purchase or for leisure. Businesses are looking to connect with customers which obviously has given rise to changes in the way businesses is conducted today. Ecommerce is the way forward and will soon surpass 50% of all retail sales revenue in the Middle East.

What does the above trend mean to traditional Businesses?

This means – Go Digital! Go E-commerce. Resistance to embrace digitization can be because of ignorance, lack of knowledge, no trust in online payment. However, there is great encouragement by the Government of Qatar with new laws and regulations being penned down for an organized e-commerce industry. E-Commerce in Qatar is growing at an unprecedented rate all over the Middle East. Ministry of Transport and Communications in Qatar issued a comprehensive guideline for the E-commerce sector in Qatar

SmartPhones and E-commerce

Shopping has gone mobile. We all agree that the SmartPhone today is no more luxury but a necessity. Mobile is one gadget that stays with you from the time you wake up to the time you rest, matter of fact it is your mobile phone that wakes you up, schedules your day and connects you with the rest of the world. 5G is changing the way the world connects and communicates. This also enforces the need to have responsive websites.

For Businesses marketing digitally, the stages of AIDA occur on one gadget – the Smart-Phone.

In addition, while every website has to be mobile friendly and responsive, the user experience on a mobile phone is more important than ever. Agencies developing websites need to ensure the UI and UX is tested on mobile phones more than any other device. Nuance Digital, a digital media marketing solutions company ensures your website provides you with all that you need when it comes to a result oriented website showing on all devices.


Digitization and E-commerce:

The current Covid-19 pandemic has just catapulted the dependence on digitization and digital transformation. Therefore, there is a sudden surge of businesses using digital technology to connect with their existing customers and attracting new ones. Business processes, Business culture is changing with the imperative need for digitization and E-commerce to meet the markets expectations.

Obviously E-Commerce is growing at an unprecedented rate globally. Obviously, resistance and mistrust when it comes to buying online is fast fading away given the security in these transactions. We can see many local market places marketing niche products and services. Retail E-commerce has grown by 200% since 2020.


Digitization and E-commerce Trends

Traditional businesses need to keep a track on Digitization and E-commerce trends. Retail business on E-commerce has seen more than a 40% increase since 2017 and consequent year on year increase is forecasted at 25%. It is highly important that traditional businesses move out of their comfort zones and embrace Digitization and E-commerce. Firstly, Budget for it and next, strategize and implement.

Basically, there are 6 types of e-commerce:

1. B2B: Business-to-Business

2. B2C: Business-to-Consumer

3. C2C: Consumer-to-Consumer

4. C2B: Consumer-to-Business

5. B2A: Business-to-Administration

6. C2A: Consumer-to-Administration

Firstly, what kind of business do you run and second where do you place your business in the 6 types. If you intend to start an E-commerce business or include E-commerce to your existing business, get to know where you stand in the six E-commerce categories.

1.Business to Business – B2B

Business-to-business (B2B) refers to business conducted between two business entities and not for direct consumption. It however is a form of transaction between businesses involving a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or a wholesaler and a retailer.

Examples of B2B E-commerce sites are:

2. Business to Consumer – B2C

Businesses selling to a end user or customer who consumes is a B2C business. Here, the end users pays for the the product or service purchased. He usually pays in cash or card or even through payment installments as agreed by the seller. The seller is the business and the buyer is the end user. Actually, E-commerce business model was introduced because of the the B2C concept.

For Example:

3. Consumer to Consumer: C2C

The Consumer to Consumer business model in contrast to Consumer to Business model facilitates buying and selling between individuals who usually are not a legal business entity. In this case the E-commerce portal connects people to complete a business transaction and interact with one another.

In a C2C commerce is usually into the purchase of used goods and freelance services. A C2C E-Commerce portal helps buyers and sellers to locate each other meet up and complete a particular transaction. Newspaper classifieds and auctions are a good examples of a traditional C2C Business model. Online portals such as E-bay, Dubizzle, facilitates sellers to post their goods or services online that is available for consumers to purchase. However, in such transactions, the third party may charge a transaction fee or commission. Products sold on these websites may however be new or second hand.

For Example:

4. Consumer to Business – C2B

In the Consumer to Business model it is the end consumer who creates products or services that are consumed by businesses and organizations in contrast to the Business to Consumer model. In this kind of model however, companies or businesses pay for allowing them to market their products or service on the consumers website or a website owner is paid to review the product or service through blog posts, videos or podcasts. Paid ad space available on individual website owners is also a good example of C2B marketing.

For Example:

Google AdSense

Customers review

Online Buzz

Focus Groups

Test Groups

5. C2A and B2A

While C2A and B2A are not very important in the Ecommerce Domain it is good to know that they exist. Businesses and consumers involved with the government or the public sector involved in online transactions fall under C2A or B2A E-Commerce.

a. Business to Administration – B2A or B2G

This type of e-commerce is online business between private companies and the government or the public sector. These are usually financial, legal or documentation businesses.

b. Consumer to Administration – C2A or C2G

Consumer to Administration or Government is where individuals are offering services to the administration or to the government for a fee. This also includes business concepts where a end consumer is also offering services for the government or the public sector. For example: Filing tax returns, teachers offering distance learning.

E-Commerce in Qatar

E-commerce is at 14% penetration in Qatar. Cash on delivery still remains as the largest mode of payment followed by Credit Cards and PayPal. E-commerce transaction mostly are managed through the computer than the mobile

Qatar e-commerce market is consequently expected to reach 3.2 billion $ by 2020 from 1.2 billion $ in 2017. These numbers had been confirmed by the e-commerce unit of the Qatari Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. Source


Some of the ecommerce sites in Qatar for Example:

In conclusion, a great opportunity in Qatar to embrace Digitization and E-commerce for all businesses based on their type of business. Nuance Digital   ,top digital marketing solutions company in Qatar can be consultancy for E-commerce, website development and digital marketing of any type and in any timeline.

Nuance Digital can help local businesses in their Digitization and E-commerce needs and have the local team and expertise to do so.

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