10 SEO Tips to Follow in 2021

In this article we cover 10 Best SEO Tips for small businesses in Qatar

10 Best SEO Tips to Follow in 2022
SEO Tips for businesses

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process by which a website’s visibility on search results on a search engine is increased. The days when people used to use manipulative
techniques to rank higher on search engines are long gone. 

Search engines like Google keep on upgrading their algorithms so that good SEO practices are enforced by people. These good SEO practices are also known as White hat SEO. 

In simple terms, white hat SEO refers to organic techniques that are implemented to achieve a better result in search engine result pages. 

In short, SEO helps everybody – the website owner as well as the user. As a website owner below are a few SEO tips you should look into in 2021.

Update and relaunch existing content

Keep your website structured so that your pages and subpages can be easily found by the search engines and indexed. 

Update the links in your existing content and relaunch them while keeping the URL the same.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions describe the content on your website and summarize them for search engines and users. 

These are displayed under the title tags on search engine result pages. 

You need to make sure to write a relevant meta description for each of your pages in 150-160 words.

Link to relevant sites

Linking out to relevant pages is an important SEO strategy as it sends trackable traffic. 

You can reach out to the people you link to and if they find your content valuable, they link back to you, and might even share your content.

Guest blogging

Reach out to people and contribute relevant content for someone else’s blog. It is an easy way to get an external backlink thus increasing your exposure to targeted traffic. 

It improves your online authority and the exposure helps you generate qualified leads.

User experience

Google is using AI to rank a website based on the user experience of the website. 

RankBrain, a component in Google’s algorithm uses machine learning to rank relevant results in the search engine results pages. 

So make sure to always provide what your user is looking for so that the user doesn’t leave your website seconds after visiting it from the search results page.

URL structure

Make sure to use URL structures for your website that are understandable for your users and search engines. Use hyphens instead of underscores in your URL. 

It will be read as a single word by Google if you are using underscores.

Website speed

Google considers site speed as an important ranking factor. 

Make sure your website loads as fast as possible so that your ranking doesn’t go down on search engine result pages. 

It will not matter if your site provides quality content if it loads slow.

Video marketing

Create relevant video content tailored to your users. It should resonate with your audience.

Make sure to add the video transcript below the video content so that search engines understand the content in the video, and it is indexed properly.

SEO Keywords in images

Make sure to use relevant keywords for your images since users search for images using keywords. 

Avoid keyword stuffing here since relevance is the key here.

Check out your SEO competition

Competitor Website Analysis

Keeping track of your competition is a good thing. Check for the keywords your competition optimizes and also their rankings. 

Do not copy their SEO strategy instead use that information to study them and figure out better strategies for optimizing your website.

Use these tips to improve your SEO strategy and get good, sustainable results. 

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