Facebook Advertising, a must for your Local Business

Advertising on Facebook is one of the most important activities for local businesses in Qatar. Reason being most of Qatar uses Facebook.

With Facebook Advertising your business is able to target the right community and reach them with the right message about your products and services. Registering for Facebook Ads you target the right people and the right demography and get the best results.

These are different kids of Facebook advertising:

facebook photo adsPhoto Ads
Get stared with Photo Ads. Click a picture and post it on Facebook. You can boost the same from your Facebook page. The picture needs to tell a story and should be eye-catching

Video ads
You can create simple videos… an inspiration, motivation. The video need not talk about your products or services directly but information in the video can lead to people asking more … leading them to your products or services.

Carousel ads
You can use 10 photos or videos to promote your products and service. Carousel Ads are beneficial when you need to promote features of a product or service of create a collage or panoramic images.

Slideshow ads
A collection of photos or video clips can be used to create slideshow ads. Slideshow ads work well even if there is a slow internet as they use less data bandwidth. They standout between phot ads and other kind of promotions.

Collection ads
Collection ads are best or are offered for mobile phones. Usually works when the busiess wants the user to click and buy. Collection ads motivate a user to buy the ad without leading the user to leave Facebook. Best to target ecommerce products and for people on the go.

Lead ads
When you want users or your target community to give you their contact information with not much of type work, lead ads are used. Best for mobile devices … specially when someone wants to signup for a trial of your services of products, or newsletter subscription. Good to promote product samples and get request for samples or bookings

Dynamic ads
Best to used Dynamic ads when you want to remarket to someone who has visited your product page, or placed an order on your shopping cart but not completed the order. Dynamic ads will appear in their face book feeds giving a reminder to complete the order.

Nuance digital a local digital and social media agency provides expertise to local business in marketing their products and services on Facebook helping them reach the right target community promoting their products and services.

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