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Struqta Qatar

Struqta is a leading manufacturer and supplier of aluminium tents, tensile shades, and PEB structures. In the ever-evolving world of construction and infrastructure, Struqta’s challenge was to create an online presence that offered a modern and informative experience for its users. To meet this challenge, Struqta approached our team at Nuance Digital Marketing, seeking a website that would reflect its professionalism and expertise.

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Our primary objective was to design and develop a website that would streamline the experience of browsing Struqta’s product line for potential customers. The website needed to offer a comprehensive list of products and services with detailed descriptions, with the added challenge of being easy to navigate on mobile devices. Additionally, we aimed to incorporate a blog section that would provide informative and engaging content to professionals in the industry while helping to boost SEO performance.


We began by conducting extensive research on the tent and PEB structures industry, as well as the specific needs of Struqta’s potential customers. Using this research, we designed a website that featured a modern, minimalist design with a colour scheme of light blue and white, creating a visually appealing and streamlined experience. The website’s layout was organized to be easy to navigate, with clear headings and concise descriptions of each service to help users find what they are looking for quickly.

The website was built on WordPress, optimizing it for speed and performance. We also incorporated a search function to help users find what they needed faster and ensured that the website was mobile-responsive, making it easy to navigate on any device.


Since the launch of the website, Struqta has seen a significant increase in its customer base. The website has helped Struqta grow its business, develop its digital presence and has positioned the company as an industry leader.


At Nuance Digital, we are proud to have helped Struqta achieve its objective of creating a user-friendly and efficient online presence. The website’s modern and minimalist design, easy navigation, and informative blog section have contributed to its success, providing a valuable resource for professionals in the industry.

  • Struqta is a leading manufacturer and supplier of aluminum tents, tensile shades and PEB structures. The website has a modern and minimalist design that is easy to navigate, with a simple color scheme of light blue and white. The content is well-organized, with clear headings and concise descriptions of each course, making it easy for users to find the service that they are looking for.
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