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Dishley Holding

Dishley Holding is a parent company with subsidiaries across multiple sectors. The company wanted to expand its social media presence, showcasing its activities and subsidiaries along with engaging content on Qatar and its economy. The goal of our Social Media Management (SMM) regime was to maintain a highly professional yet engaging presence for the company. Platforms managed: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Our key strategy was to widen the addressable audience for the company using current economic, finance, investment, business & technology content. Additional strategies included frequent posting, a mix of image + video content & maintaining a professional tone across all platforms.

The strategy worked to broaden our overall impressions and reach, and engagement (likes, comments, shares, clicks) for posts remained consistent. The overall page followers/likes increased steadily despite the hurdle of this company falling into a niche interest. All the above results were achieved purely organically, no paid campaigns were utilised.

With our stable and consistent approach, Dishley Holding continues to enjoy good growth and visibility across its social media presence. At Nuance Digital, we tailor our SMM approach to each client’s field and their specific requirements.
  • Dishley Holding, founded in 2004 and privately owned, is a diversified company with investments in the construction, real estate development, trading, and hospitality industries. Headed by founder and chairman Mr. Mansour bin Ali bin Jassim Al-Thani, it offers a range of services from construction materials to finished buildings and developments. With operations since 1990, Dishley Holding operates in multiple sectors, including real estate, construction, and investments.
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