Are Email Marketing Services still effective?

It is encouraging to know that bulk email campaigns have seen an average unique open rate of 16.4%. That open rate equates directly to increased sales. That should make any marketing expert happy!

Quickly Design Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

We provide Complete Email Marketing and Campaign Management solutions.

 Effective email marketing services are value for money – It is best alternative out of all choices available for online marketing strategy. It is cost effective, it can be highly targeted and customized, and its performance is measurable.

Complete Email Marketing and Campaign Management Solution

Concept: We create concepts that tell a story and the objective that will let you engage with your customers.

Design: We design professional Design Email Marketing keeping in mind the brand, color theme and the right information

Email Campaigns: We will send Email Campaigns on your behalf. You don’t require additional servers or any extra internet bandwidth.

Spam Management: We design the emails in a manner that they aren’t marked as Spam and don’t unwittingly break any Anti-Spam laws.

Bounced Emails: We check on emails which “bounce back” to avoid your future mails sent again, find the reasons and ensure the same is not repeated.

Opt-out’s: Any unsubscribe request will be respected, so if anyone is opting-out, he can do so without worry of getting more mails in the future.

Tracking: We track and measure the performance of your email campaigns and the analytics help us plan other campaigns.